How to Make a Manual Entry in a Tachograph

A tachograph is a great way to keep track of the hours you drive but you need to be careful when recording your activities on the device. Unless you know what you are doing you can end up with an infringement. There are various ways to do this, including using a tachograph card and manual entries. Getting a little educated about the equipment will make the job easier.

The first time you use a tachograph you’ll likely be surprised by how much detail the device can capture. In addition, your employer may require you to record certain activities. You may have to log your lunch or rest periods. These tasks can be confusing for some, especially if you don’t understand what you are doing. However, you can avoid a lot of headaches by taking a few minutes to learn about tachographs.

When you’re ready to use your tachograph, you can get started by inserting your drivercard into the device. It’s important to use a driver card with an upside-down chip, not an upright one. If you don’t do this, the unit will display your previous card in place of your new one. Once you have done this, you’ll need to enter the appropriate information. This is a process that can be repeated multiple times if needed.

Unlike the old fashioned tachographs, modern day digital devices come with two features that are indispensable when it comes to recording your driving data. First, you can adjust the tachograph’s times to ensure you’re not recording your hours at incorrect times. Second, you can add your WTD (work time duty) credentials to your profile. For example, you can check your hours for the day or adjust your schedule as needed to ensure you’re not missing out on any overtime payments.

While the device might have a few features that can be tricky to figure out, it’s generally quite easy to get up and running. To ensure you’re on the right foot, read the manufacturer’s user guide and other related documentation. Additionally, it’s a good idea to sign your print for the relevant period. Finally, take a couple of minutes to look over the manual that comes with your tachograph. Taking the time to learn how to use your tachograph is a vital part of maintaining a safe and efficient operation.

Besides recording your drive, you can also record your other activities in the device. Depending on the model of tachograph you’re using, these can be recorded in a variety of ways. Some are simple to use while others require you to use a computer. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you get the most accurate results, so you should always consult with your employer before making any modifications to your record. Make sure to use the most accurate settings you can, or risk a tachograph mess-up.

Whether you’re just starting out on the road or have been driving for years, a tachograph can help you keep your legal footing. Use it wisely and you’ll be rewarded.

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