How to Make a Hyphen in Word

Microsoft Word has many text formatting options. You can turn the automatic hyphenation feature on or off. This will allow you to create hyphenated documents that are visually appealing.

The first step is to type a hyphen or em dash in the alphanumeric keypad. If you are using a Mac, hold the option and shift keys while you type the hyphen. Alternatively, use the numeric keypad shortcut of alt + 0151. After you type the character, you will notice that the cursor changes to a hyphen.

Another way to create a hyphen is to use the Symbols menu. Select the special characters section, and you will see a variety of symbols. These include a number of different hyphens, and even a nonbreaking hyphen. Some of these can be inserted one at a time, or you can copy and paste them from a web page. Aside from the Symbols menu, you can also type the special characters directly into the document.

For more control over hyphenation, you can manually hyphenate a word. You can set a maximum number of consecutive hyphens, and you can define specifications for hyphenation, including the distance between the end of the last word and the right line edge. In addition, you can exclude hyphenation in certain paragraphs.

Once you have selected the desired hyphenation position, you can click the Insert button. This will bring up a pop-up menu, which you can use to select the area to insert the symbol. Depending on your needs, you can either insert a single hyphen or a series of hyphens.

Hyphenated words should not be followed by spaces. However, if you have selected a spaced hyphen, you can leave a space between the words. Sometimes, you may want your words to be flush on both sides. Using a spaced hyphen allows you to create a more even layout.

You can also turn on AutoFormat in Word, and it will automatically insert a hyphen or em-dash when you type a hyphen or em-dash. To turn on this feature, you must enable the option in the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Also, you can remove the space that surrounds the em-dash and en-dash by clicking the File Cleaner button. Alternatively, you can run the File Cleaner during the proofreading stage of the document.

Word for Mac has an autocorrect feature that can automatically hyphenate texts. Although it is not as accurate as manual hyphenation, it can create visually attractive documents. Additionally, Word for Mac can recognize all possible hyphenation scenarios, and it can automatically correct them.

You can also copy a hyphen from another document. Depending on the type of word processor you are using, you can choose to type a hyphen in a spaced or nonspaced format. If you are using a Windows-based word processor, you can also manually insert a hyphen with a space.

You can easily insert an en dash in Word for Mac, too. This dash is a bit thicker than an em dash. Typically, an en dash is about as wide as a capital N.

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